Pioneer In Cable Industry In Sudan
Holder Of ISO certificate in Manufacturing

  • DSC_6971
    Over Head Transmisson Cables


    Cooper are produced according to IEC 60228 and DIN 48201.

    Products :

    • Over Head Line Bare.
    • Over Head PVC Insulated.

    General:This cables are manufactured according to Sudatel.

    Conductor: Annealed solid electrical copper with purity 99.97%.

    Twisting : Two insulated wires are twisted to form pair.

    stranding :

    • Sub-unit 10 pairs.
    • Main unit 50 or 100 pairs.
    • Main units are assembled to form cable.

    Jacketing: Low density polyethylene with 2.5 % Carbon black (for cables up to 200 pairs double in sheath 50% from outer sheath ).


  • DSC_7004
    Low Voltage Cables

    Description :

    Cables are produced according to IEC 60227 or BS 6500 and BS 6004.

    Products :

    • Single Core Unarmoured Cable.
    • Single Core Armored Cable
    • Four Core Unarmoured Cable.
    • Four Core Armored Cable.
  • DSC_6995

    Indoor Wires

  • DSC_7019

    Indoor Telephone Cable :


    General : This cables are manufactured according to Sudatel specification.

    Conductor: Annealed solid electrical tined copper of purity.

    Insulation:Colored PVC insulation.

    Twisting: Two insulated wires are twisted.


  • DSC_7029

    Over Head Line Bare

  • DSC_7044

    Low Voltage Four Core Unarmored Cable