iad Elsewedy always seek to offer Products and services that agreement its Quality and specifications to achieve their project with high efficiency Some of project that have been implemented :
Direction Classification Price/pound
Sudanese company for the distribution of electricity AAC 13,950,000
United Bank money for the benefit of the state of North Kordofan AAC + ABC 13,001,900
Swedish company for energy distribution ABC 10,407,500
Housing and Reconstruction Fund AAC 1,770,000
A total of Niles Bank in favor of the company agent Mam AAC + ABC 4,434,708,20
Dams Implementation Unit ABC 5,976,550
Dar national police and Ministry of Interior - wire + AAC 2,152,627.50
Ministry of Interior - shambat Towers wire + AAC 1,488,345.53
Ministry of Interior - Niles Towers wire + AAC 1,011,883.28
Ministry of Interior - by a company Bruges wire + AAC 1,969,077.15
Company Socotra Construction and Contracting AAC + ABC 2,927,643
Company pearl palace - an alliance networks AAC + ABC 997,504.22
Company Sudanese thermal generation AAC 1,408,175
Ministry of the Interior AAC 1,553,779.95
White Nile Sugar Company ABC 2,776,410